Authentic Leaders

What is actually an authentic leader? Is it something you can get, or achieve like in basically any other leadership program what so ever? No, but of course, you and all who want it, are able to assimilate more authenticity in their leadership just by basic knowledge of the authentic theory and principles. But the main difference in the authentic leadership is that it is not something you can be – it is something you are. True is that authentic leadership begins with yourself and your own self-leadership.

Authentic leaders are always taking actions from within. This means that you does not lead either yourself or others on the basis of values that comes from other peoples thinking. But you do believe in, are dedicated to your job and exudes authenticity in your opinions. The values you’re working towards is consistent with your duties and what you most of all want to achieve through your convening.

True authentic leaders have for long realized that peoples greed for power, money and prestige not only draining their own morality, its also inhibits other and thus the collective and the higher purpose we are there to serve. The desire to serve and lift others shines through in the authentic leader’s behavior. This is something sincere, and nothing he or she does only for its own benefit, which creates followers, belonging and meaningfulness in the environment which they operate.