The Authentic Leader Program (ALP) is designed for leaders who want to take the next step in the development of their leadership and their capabilities to lead others.

The program will give the leader the tools he or she needs to make the necessary changes and support while they are in the middle of it. The program offers a tool kit containing 20 different training sessions. All with diffirent specific personal goals. 10 of these will be used in the program depending of the personal needs of the lea- der. In the Personal Leader Program you will be guided head to head by a Personal Authentic Trainer (PAT) who are accredited as an ALP trainer.

The duration of the first basic ALP program is limited to 16 hours. Between the sessions you will also need to invest the necessary amount of hours of authentic training on your own.
In the ALP program it is assumed that you have been in a leadership position for at least five years or similar.