The Authentic Leader Program is about how leaders and organizations can lead themselves and others from within, with authenticity. Authentic leaders create an open working based on sincerity, common purpose and an ethical set of values. The people and organizations that are controlled from within, in consistency with themselves, their work and their environment releases energy and build new values.

MODULE 1: Leading your self
The goal is to create the solid foundation of self-awareness and authenticity required so that participants consciously shape their own future. To develop capabilites to manage them self. Practitioners of the presence and internal focus will be applied throughout the module. The educational foundation is to support participants in exploring themselves and their purpose, to create a clear anchored plan for their own development – a development based of coherence between who I am and what I do. To find there inner drive forces and inner security. Participants will continually support each other to make new experiences. Individual authentic training is included in the module.

MODULE 2: Leading others leading them selves
The goal is to learn how to lead people to self-awareness and conscious choices. That they develop capabilities to manage them selves. As a leader, you are given tools to create the relationships necessary for others to grow and realize their full capacity. The leadership includes being a role model, empower and lead others in their relations towards there best and most authentic being and doing. This creates good conditions for an enforceable authentic employee ship culture. Individual authentic training is included in the module.

MODULE 3: Monitoring
An opportunity for participants to share their practical experience from home. Group discussions based on current issues with in-depth examples of solutions.

METHODOLOGY and structure
Authentic Leader program are designed in cooperation with the client. The program exists as personal programs and group program. With three moduls. Duration of the personal program is usually 1,5 hours x 10 occations or 3 days. Duration of the group program is 3 + 3 + 2 days over a period of three to twelve months.

The methods are experiential and process-oriented and vary depending on the size and needs of the person or group. Individual authentic training is included both in and between the modules as part of the program.