About the program

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About the program

The Authentic Leader Program

Many of todays greatest leaders would never have reached their positions without authenticity or alignment with their values and trustworthiness. The Authentic Leader Program will support you to become the leader you are. By being an authentic leader you will get followers and create new and higher values in your organisation. The program contains different sessions in self awareness, self management, value management, social awareness and relationship management. You will explore your capabilities, your focus and how you want to spend your time. The Authentic Leader Program is designed for leaders who want to develop their capabilities and take the next step in their leadership. How want to gain instant success on both a professional and personal level.

The program is available as a personal program and as an educational program in general within the organisation. Both programs is flexible in time and content depending on the individual needs. You will be guided head to head by a Personal Authentic Trainer (PAT), accredited in the Authentic Leader Program.

The personal program: 20 hours including prework, a 360 feedback tool, training sessions with a PAT and practical training. It offers a tool kit containing 20 different flexible training sessions.

The educational program: 3+2 days. It contains prework and a 360 feed back tool, two training modules and practical training. Preferably you have been in a leadership position for at least three years or similar before joining the program.

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